Teaching can offer satisfaction that older workers seek

4–8 March is National Careers Week in schools, a focus for careers support for young people leaving education, but it’s not only those starting their careers who need advice.

Now Teach, which creates a route for people with decades of experience to become teachers, has worked with YouGov to produce a report examining career satisfaction in Britain.

The research reveals that two million workers are unsatisfied with their career in some way and yet don’t know or think their situation will change.

Now Teach stresses that careers advice is for all ages and that we should celebrate life-long learning and multi-stage careers. To make this a reality, a variety of structured paths guiding people into a new profession is needed.

Now Teach is one such route and has supported over 120 people to retrain as teachers and is recruiting for new trainees now. It’s challenging to start again at the bottom, but with the right support individuals can succeed.

Now Teach started its retraining programme for those who want to qualify as secondary school teachers in London and has now expanded to the West Midlands, East Anglia and Hastings. Although not yet operating in North Devon, Now Teach welcomes anyone interested in retraining as a teacher to register for more information at nowteach.org.uk.

For anyone in North Devon looking for courses now, although not aimed specifically at retraining as a teacher, Petroc offers a number of courses covering education at petroc.ac.uk.