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Sustainable Business Award 2024 | Business Action North Devon Business Awards 2024

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North Devon Biosphere | sponsor of the Business Action Sustainable Business Award 2022

The award

Sponsored by North Devon UNESCO Biosphere, the Business Action Sustainable Business Award seeks to recognise businesses and organisations based or operating in and near North Devon who are committed to promoting and achieving sustainability.

Sustainable Business 2024 finalists

We are delighted to announce the finalists of the Artist Support Business Excellence Award 2024 are:


Coastal Recycling


Hogwash Soap

Congratulations to our finalists! And thank you to all our entrants.

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North Devon UNESCO Biosphere

The North Devon UNESCO Biosphere reserve celebrates life by recognising the connections between people and nature.

As part of the global UNESCO MAB network, our biosphere provides an open forum for bringing people together with their natural surroundings – to empower them to unlock their potential, and using their local and scientific knowledge to model solutions for sustainable living. We seek to inspire people to establish new, meaningful connections to their environment and share a way of living with nature that builds a positive future we can be proud of.

People living in this landscape can demonstrate their way of living with nature through several different projects, all contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

We have launched the Natural Capital Marketplace, an online trading platform connecting landowners with new project options they can implement on their land that diversify income and help nature recover – just one of many initiatives.

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To support its aims, the Sustainable Business Award is open to businesses demonstrating one or more of the activities below.

The judges are looking for evidence of at least one of the criteria below. You don’t have to meet all – just use them as a guide for your entry – what’s most important is for you to tell your story:

  • practise or support landscape / wildlife conservation
  • how they reduce waste and recycle
  • reduce energy or use renewable energy
  • repurpose recycled or recovered materials for their products and services
  • practise ecotourism
  • promote local knowledge and cultural heritage to residents and tourists

Whatever sustainable practices your business or organisation undertakes, enter the Sustainable Business Award to receive the recognition you deserve.

Who can enter?

The Sustainable Business Award is open to any business based or operating in or near North Devon.

Owners, directors, managers and employees can enter the business they work in and businesses can also be entered by customers, suppliers or external advisers.

Category rules for entry

Please follow the category rules below, which also include useful suggestions on how to ensure your entry showcases achievements in the best possible light.

  1. You can enter your own business, nominate your employer or nominate another business for this award.
  2. This award is for any business in or near North Devon.
  3. Ensure you read the awards terms and conditions.
  4. Read the criteria and the questions on the form below in advance so that you understand what the judges are looking for and tailor your answers to these.
  5. There is no restriction on how much information you can provide in your answers, although please ensure that anything you say is relevant to this award. The questions are deliberately open to enable you to submit the best possible entry and the examples given are purely illustrative. Add any other information you feel is important to highlight success.
  6. Provide as much detail and evidence as possible to back up your claims, including relevant links to web sites or videos.
  7. Write and save your answers in a note-making or word-processing app first and copy them into the form below. This ensures you do not lose anything you have taken a long time to write.
  8. Attach any files, eg customer compliments or images of products, to support your entry.
  9. Entries are closed for the 2024 awards.