Managing the human side of change

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There are many reasons why people start businesses and for Claire Snow it was the realisation that she could offer the services she had previously provided through employers and that there was a niche which she could fill.

Claire’s background includes human resources, training and development, and most recently as a training consultant in the supply chain sector. It was as a large change management project was winding down that Claire thought she could deliver services herself to clients.

“I decided to go out and explore new things,” says Claire. “I thought ‘Am I crazy at this time?’, but from a change management point of view, lots of organisations are having to make changes. So I did it.”
Identifying a definite need for her service to help clients manage change from the perspective of their people gave Claire confidence to launch Snow Limits Consulting.

“I’ve been working at Node since July. What attracted me was the sense of community. I’d spent the previous 18 months in my home office. In the coworking space you get to know other people, get ideas and also receive business coaching. They have also helped me with marketing, which has been very useful.”

This advice has enabled Claire to refine her business offering, which she describes as “solving problems with a people focus”.
“I help growing businesses solve problems and reconnect the pieces of their business. I support them to regain control and create a great customer and employee experience.”

Claire also enrolled on the Node’s startup club as well as delivering coaching to other businesses at Node.
“It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. You have to learn things quite quickly and not be frightened to ask people for help. I love it!”

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