Caring approach to IT

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First occupants of Node: (from left) Ryan Jewell and James Cook established Integy in November 2019

Two IT consultants who frequently worked alongside each other on various contracts recently celebrated two successful years of running their own IT consultancy based at Node Enterprise Hub at Barnstaple.

Integy began when James Cook and Ryan Jewell joined forces in November 2019 to complete a government contract and has now grown to a team of 10 employees.

“We were annoyed that big consultancies would come in, complete a piece of work, then disappear,” says Ryan. “We talked for years about doing the complete opposite.”

A request to undertake an external review of a data centre in July 2019 gave Ryan and James the opportunity to work as a team and put this approach into practice, leading to the launch of Integy.

“We knew we couldn’t work from home much longer and were the first people to move into Node.”

Node provides the advanced IT and communications facilities Integy needs to manage the complex data requirements of large clients. As its team has expanded, it has moved office within Node three times for more work space.

Initially, Integy’s clients were generated through James and Ryan’s existing contacts until – as happened for so many businesses – everything stopped due to the first COVID lockdown in March 2020.

While business stalled initially, Integy quickly attracted large projects as many organisations needed to transition from office-based to home working and sought the expertise to achieve this fast and effectively. Even though most legacy computer systems in use were unprepared for such rapid change, Integy has completed eight projects enabling organisations’ entire staff – sometimes numbering 5,000 employees – to work from home and at the same time achieve zero carbon footprint.

Integy has established impressive industry credentials to back up its growing reputation. In order to offer vendor-neutral advice to ensure it recommends the best solution to satisfy each individual project’s requirements, Integy has partnered with a number of technology partners, including Microsoft (as a Gold Partner), Cisco, Citrix, Dell, Hewlett Packard, VMware and NetApp. It is also an approved supplier to provide many public sector IT contracts.

“We have grown by delivering transformational change that has really helped businesses do what they want,” adds Ryan. “Now we are looking to support these clients in the future.”

Many of Integy’s clients operate in healthcare, local authority, MoD, education, housing and manufacturing sectors. While most are larger organisations with systems used by hundreds or thousands of employees, Ryan is keen to work with smaller businesses. He believes those with 20 or more computer users could benefit from moving their systems to the Cloud, which offers the advantages of improved security and data resilience, flexibility in terms of user licence costs and remote working. James and Ryan are always happy to discuss the options available.

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