8 Jan 2021: #MicroBizMatters Day for UK micro businesses

MicroBizMatters Day the annual Day of Recognition, Action and Learning for UK micro business owners returns on Friday 8 January 2021.

95% of all businesses in the UK are micro businesses (0-9 employees and under £2 million turnover).

MicroBizMatters Day is a social media day when more than one million business owners give a little time to support each other. Recognition is by use of the #MicroBizMatters hashtag. Action is support for the major campaigns to make life better for independent business owners of which #PayIn30Days started by Tony Robinson OBE in 1996, is the best known.

Learning is from an event livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube featuring famous and successful business owners giving tips for success in different sectors.

How do I get involved?

Search for #MicroBizMatters on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you’ll soon get the hang of what people are doing on the day. All of them, always over one million, are giving a little time to help other business owners.

There are many offline events organised too – business owners getting together for a coffee and to watch the livestreaming on their laptops or phones.

Where to watch

You can watch the event on the MicroBizMatters.co.uk web site via Facebook feed, on YouTube at MicroBizMatters or on social media networks.

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