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Use the #ndevonXMAS hashtag to promote your North Devon products and services this Christmas

Christmas is when many businesses make most of their sales for the year. Whatever your opinion on this, lots of people buy gifts for family and friends, prepare special food for the holiday and spend time with each other.

Christmas 2020 will inevitably be different to previous years: some people will have very little to spend, while others will have a lot of disposable income.
The disruption caused by Coronavirus creates a big opportunity to change buying habits and for North Devon businesses this can mean encouraging more people to abandon big retailers and buy from local businesses.

ut isn’t internet shopping more convenient than local shops with a big online retailer supermarket? 
Not now that, as a result of Coronavirus, many small businesses have opened or improved their online stores. Some businesses even let you order via messaging on Facebook or Instagram.

Many small businesses are more flexible than big retailers, who offer limited delivery slots. And they are often more considerate for customers with special needs.

When we support local businesses, more money remains in our local economy to support local jobs, families and communities.

Use the #ndevonXMAS hashtag

To make everyone aware of the need to buy local, we’ve introduced the #ndevonXMAS hashtag.

When you are promoting your products and services in the run-up to Christmas, add #ndevonXMAS to your social media posts.
It only takes a few seconds, but can help customers find your business and buy from you – and it costs you nothing.

Find North Devon gifts 

As consumers ourselves, search for #ndevonXMAS products and services on social media channels when you are shopping for presents, food or other festive purchases.
And persuade your family and friends to do the same to make Christmas a local celebration by supporting our business community.
Search for local goods

f you can’t find what you want using the hashtag, search for a product using ndevon, North Devon or Devon to find suppliers in the area or county.
You will be surprised at how much is readily available from local businesses.

Resharing your posts

Business Action will be resharing social media posts using the #ndevonXMAS hashtag.

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