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Sponsored by Atlas Packaging, the Business Action ‘Highest Achieving Learner Award’ recognises the achievements of individuals working in businesses in North Devon who are currently or have recently completed training or skills development.

Learning and skills are essential both to developing the full potential of individuals so they enjoy satisfying careers and to creating a skilled and productive workforce for North Devon’s businesses.

From a work placement to test suitability for a role to qualifying as a specialist in a profession, the Highest Achieving Learner Award highlights the high level of skills and learning in North Devon.

2020 has been an especially tough year for apprentices, trainees, students and other employees working hard to develop their skills due the unprecedented disruption. This year the Highest Achieving Learner Award also recognises how learners have adapted to difficult circumstances to continue learning.

Announcing the Highest Achieving Learner Awards finalists


Read about all the finalists in the April / May issue of Business Action magazine – out on Friday 23 April.

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The judges are looking for evidence of one or more of the criteria below. You don’t have to meet all – just use them as a guide for your entry:

  • Significant employee development through training
  • Outstanding academic or practical results 
  • Exceptional commitment to a course or training
  • Overcoming personal or other barriers to learning 
  • Transformation as a result of work experience, placement, internship or secondment
  • Increased contribution to the business as a result of training
  • Adapting work and learning practices as a result of Covid restrictions

Who can enter?

The Highest Achieving Learner Award is open to nominations of individuals of any age or background in North Devon who are currently taking or have recently completed work-related training, from courses to improve numeracy and literacy to traineeships, apprenticeships, graduate courses, vocational courses and specialist professional qualifications.

An employer, manager, supervisor, external trainer or customer can nominate a learner for this award.

Category rules for entry

Please follow the category rules below, which also include useful suggestions on how to ensure your entry showcases achievements in the best possible light.

  1. You can enter one or more employees of your own business for this award or training organisations can enter employees of client businesses that they have trained.
  2. Please ensure employee(s) you enter give their consent.
  3. Any employee working in North Devon who has recently completed or is currently completing training or workplace development is eligible to be entered for this award.
  4. Ensure you read the awards terms and conditions.
  5. Read the criteria and the questions on the form below in advance so that you understand what the judges are looking for and tailor your answers to these.
  6. There is no restriction on how much information you can provide in your answers, although please ensure that anything you say is relevant to this award. The questions are deliberately open to enable you to submit the best possible entry and the examples given are purely illustrative. Add any other information you feel is important to highlight success.
  7. Provide as much detail and evidence as possible to back up your claims, including relevant links to web sites and videos.
  8. Write and save your answers in a note-making or word-processing app first and copy them into the form below. This ensures you do not lose anything you have taken a long time to write.
  9. Attach any files, eg customer compliments or images of products, to support your entry.
  10. Entries must be submitted before 23:59 on Monday 15 March 2021 – we will accept late entries up until midday on Tuesday 16 March.

Enter Highest Achieving Learner Award 2021

This award is now closed for submissions. Many thanks for all your entries.

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