Lost in the cloud?

Lost in the cloud?Businesses are continually being urged to go online, but as the internet changes so fast Robert Zarywacz asks if anyone really knows how to use it?

The internet is a fantastic tool. I first started using it to work with clients and launched our first web site way back in the 1990s. Since then the pace of change has increased so much that it’s difficult to keep up.

Social media continues to have a massive impact on our lives. When I occasionally watch a terrestrial television programme, there’s a Twitter hashtag shown at the start so that viewers can Tweet while they watch. Not that I do.

When catching an afternoon commuter train from Waterloo recently, nearly everyone’s nose was pointing at their phone or tablet device. Years ago, when I commuted by Tube, noses were in the latest paperback blockbuster or in the Evening Standard to do the Quick Crossword.

From speaking to people, it seems that while most now have web sites, blogs and social media accounts and work in the cloud, many are overwhelmed by developments and some find their businesses invisible online.

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