How can you recruit effectively?

Alice Hellmund, HR Consultant at FitzgeraldHR
Alice Hellmund, HR Consultant at

In an exclusive series of HR articles, Alice Hellmund, HR Consultant at FitzgeraldHR, continues with how to get your recruitment process right to recruit effectively

Case study: We keep hiring people who leave us in the first year, either of their own accord or we have to let them go as they’re not quite right for the job or company. What measures can we put in place to make sure we get it right from now on?

Research in the HR field has revealed that a poorly organised recruitment and interview process is no more likely to produce a good result than choosing a candidate at random. That’s a pretty sobering thought. With such busy workloads, it’s common for employers to fail to devote enough time to their recruitment activities.

However, choosing the wrong candidate can cost a business thousands of pounds in money, time and lost productivity, so it really is worth preparing properly.

Take business action to recruit effectively

We’d recommend that you look at the following measures:

  • Construct accurate and well informed job descriptions
  • Communicate why people might want to work for the company
  • Think about the core competencies the successful post holder will need
  • Devise relevant andcompetency-based interview questions
  • Use some kind of scoring mechanism to select the best candidate

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