Training employees is worth the investment

Rozz Algar, from Herne, examines the value that training employees provides to forward-looking businesses For SMEs, the challenge of recruiting and retaining good staff is a key one, so every penny you spend on this endeavour needs to be money well spent. What is the value of training employees? The truth is that poorly trained … Read more

Continuous improvement: working effectively

Rozz Algar, from Herne, explores how to ensure continuous improvement really does continue in your business All too often businesses (even the best of businesses) start to be slowed down by the very things that should be making them tick – the processes and the people. Processes become overly complicated, chains of command too long, … Read more

Difficult conversations

Rozz Algar, from Herne, explores ways in which businesses and individuals can develop skills and strategies to face tricky scenarios and situations head on Have you ever had to have a conversation with someone that you know is going to be tricky? Can you think of a time when after the event you wished you … Read more