What could electron microscopy do for your business?

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Rock specimen – courtesy of PEMC

Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre (PEMC) is relaunching its Industrial Solutions events for 2022/23 and invites industrial partners old and new to join it in discovering what electron microscopy could do for their businesses. Its new design of Industrial Solutions will be Microscopy Clinics and will be based on a 1-2-1 online sessions.

This service is ideal for sectors including materials development, manufacturing, aerospace, food and drink, biology, biomedical and health, marine technology, marine science, geoscience, environmental science and energy, although PEMC aims to help any business that enquires.

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Sign up for a 1-2-1 session with a specialist technician and discover what help is available, such as fault analysis, proof of concept thoughts or to discuss some imagery for your next social media promotion. As well as discussing a current issue you have, you can also to find out how electron microscopy (EM) can help your company grow.

There is the opportunity to follow on from the Microscopy Clinic and work with PEMC further on its part-funded Plymouth Materials Characterisation Network (PMCN) project. PMCN offers up to 30 hours free EM analysis with a specialist technician and has already helped a large number of SMEs in Devon.

See case studies for further information.  

Sessions are open to all industries and all businesses.

Next session: 10:00 – 12:00 on 14 July 2022

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• Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre (PEMC) details at plymouth.ac.uk.