Staff performance matters

Lucy Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald HR
Lucy Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald HR

In an exclusive series of articles on how to address challenging personnel issues, Lucy Fitzgerald starts with staff performance management

How do you deal with an underperforming employee?

One of our staff members, John Smith, has been underperforming for three years. Despite many attempts to improve his performance with coaching and training, nothing has changed. What should we do?

Many employers shy away from dealing with poor performance and it’s in your favour that you have attempted to approach this in a positive manner. However, as there has been no improvement, it’s time to move to a formal performance procedure.

Where do we start?

First, gather together all the documents you will need. You should collect the evidence that you have of the training and coaching that you have provided and John’s supervisor should be in a position to specify where the issues lie and the effect that John’s performance is having on the company. When it comes to holding a formal capability meeting, preparation is the key.

You should also check your disciplinary procedure (or capability procedure, if you have one) to ensure that you follow the stages specified within it.

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