Ventriloquist and puppeteer Merlynda adapts business to continue entertaining

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As a ‘walkabout ventriloquist’ at festivals, fairs, parks, public events and private family events, Bucks Mills-based ventriloquist Merlynda is seeing many of these cancelled due to Coronavirus.

In response to the situation, Merlynda has closed her puppet theatre and puppet museum in Bucks Mills, which was open every week, to reduce the risk of contagion to visitors and audiences. Instead she is turning to a range of other activities to maintain her business through the period of social isolation advised by the Government.

“I’m going to be making a series of short puppet films – filming my live ventriloquism and puppetry performances with my cheeky chatty puppets and marionettes, to camera – in my own pretty woodland garden and in my own puppet memorabilia studio – here in beautiful Bucks Mills,” says Merlynda.

“I’m trying to source suitable screening venues – and suitable public media opportunities for screening and showing them to paying viewers/audiences – without the need for close social contact – and also online.

“We’re ALL going to need a little bit of delightful and enchanting escapism over these challenging weeks and months ahead – and I do hope my short puppet films will cheer up and entertain everyone, of all ages. As we’re all going to be restricted from public venues and from social events increasingly over the next few weeks and months, I’d really appreciate any opportunities to share and monetarise my short puppet films as widely as possible in North Devon, nationally and even globally too. Any help and suggestions will be very gratefully received.

“I’m also adept at performing ventriloquism on radio – just as Peter Brough did with ‘Archie Andrews’ – so any assistance in setting up a puppet radio station to broadcast and entertain all ages – especially those self isolating at home and those in hospital – would be so very helpful too.”

Merlynda’s range of services includes attending new product launches as a walkabout ventriloquist, and promoting business services, business events and new products with her ventriloquist puppets discussing and endorsing them either online or on film/cinema advertising, TV advertising and radio advertising. She also performs live at business events such as new store openings, promotional product launches, in-store marketing, shopping malls, corporate conferences and provides after-dinner entertainment as a mix and mingle ventriloquist and at corporate dinners, sports and ceremonial awards events.

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