A business power tool

Business power toolBusiness Action editor and communications specialist Robert Zarywacz thinks many businesses neglect one of the most powerful tools available to them

Technology has a major influence on how we communicate.

I remember sending telexes in my first job, while faxes came and went, followed by email, SMS texts, tweets and now ‘posts’ on various online networks. Yet we still have the phone and paper. Oh, and yes, even though we use video conferencing, Skype and Google hangouts, many of us continue to meet face-to-face.

Faster, easier and confused

Technology makes many processes faster and easier – I remember producing bromide artwork for magazines and brochures which was couriered to a printer when now I email artwork generated as a PDF from my laptop. Sadly, this has not resulted in all businesses mastering their communications.

The fragmentation of activities created by multiple social media channels, blogging and video often creates a muddle. Whereas we used to talk about integrating marketing communications, many businesses now struggle to keep up with just one or two activities. Just look at all the abandoned blogs and out-of-date web sites.

Fear of technology

I believe too many people are frightened by the technology, realising that they can’t master Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, YouTube, email marketing and everything else while running their business. To some extent, they’re right.

No one can master them all and no one is an expert in everything.

Neglecting the essential tool

While many worry about how to cope with technology, others are seduced by it to such an extent that they forget all else, especially the most fundamental business tool we all possess: language.

We can’t do anything in business without language. It is the essential business power tool.

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