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Your questions about buying in shops

Who runs BUY in SHOPS?

BUY in SHOPS is an initiative started by Business Action, the independent North Devon business magazine, solely to support independent shops.

Is BUY in SHOPS against big or online retailers?

Absolutely not. All retailers have their place. However, small shops and independent retailers are under immense pressure and we believe they need more support.

Aren’t small shops more expensive?

How do we know if we don’t visit them and compare prices? Surprisingly, small shops can be very competitive. Also, they will often sell smaller quantities so that you only pay for what you want to buy and don’t buy more than you need.

How can I help?

BUY in SHOPS. It’s that simple.

It does mean a change of habit – making a definite decision to visit a shop rather than picking up your phone or typing on your keyboard.

The more we use our shops, the healthier our towns and communities become.


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