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What brings towns to life? SHOPS

What keeps shops alive? YOU

How can you support SHOPS?

Welcome to BUY in SHOPS – an initiative by Business Action to increase use of independent shops in villages, towns and cities.

Why are shops valuable to us?

Independent shops are the lifeblood of towns and villages. We lose them if we do not use them.

Often shops provide the focus for a place and contribute to creating its unique identity.

Shops can also play a big role in taking care of the environment. Those of us lucky to be able to walk to shops, can reduce energy use, take traffic off the roads and cut pollution.

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How do we BUY in SHOPS?

It might sound a daft question, but younger generations may not be as used to going into a shop as they are to ordering from an online retailer.

Is it difficult? Well, not necessarily difficult, but takes effort. The satisfaction can be worth putting in that effort, especially when you realise you are supporting your local community.

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It’s fun to BUY in SHOPS

Online shopping carts and huge supermarkets stacked with packets have made shopping a soulless experience, whereas going into a shop where you can talk to real people who give you their full attention can be a refreshing experience.

Seeing and touching what you want to buy – not the box or an optimised image – adds a sensory dimension to shopping that you can’t experience otherwise.

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Do shops matter?

Small retailers are under great pressure. Competition from giant and online retailers seems overwhelming. Rent and other costs are increasing. Attracting skilled employees is difficult.

Do we care if small shops disappear? It seems many people do when they have gone and they find choice controlled by one or two national retailers in their town.

If they do matter to us, we need to BUY in SHOPS.

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