Young Entrepreneur Award

Business Action Awards 2020 | North Devon's independent business awards | Young Entrepreneur Award

The Business Action ‘Young Entrepreneur Award’ recognises successful North Devon business owners and directors aged 30 or under.

The business world is changing faster than ever before which makes it more difficult for young people to predict how their careers can develop. The small population in a large geographical area also limits the number of opportunities available to young people. The Young Entrepreneur Award recognises the achievements of young people who start their own business or who progress through existing to job roles own or lead a business.

The Young Enterprise Award is open to any North Devon business owner or director aged 30 years or under on 31 March 2020.



The judges are looking for evidence of one or more of:

  • Launch or acquisition of own business
  • Fast progression through an existing business to director level
  • Evidence of business success and achievements
  • Commitment to acquiring necessary skills or qualifications
  • Ability to learn from setbacks to achieve stronger future performance
  • Long-term vision to establish a thriving business

From starting a part-time business at school to managing an established company, the Young Entrepreneur Award highlights young entrepreneurs who embody the spirit of North Devon enterprise.

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