Superfast broadband needed by North Devon businesses

David Thorne of Simpkins Edwards
David Thorne of Simpkins Edwards

Fast, reliable broadband is an essential business tool for businesses. David Thorne of Simpkins Edwards is campaigning for universal access to the service

North Devon broadband: superfast or snail’s pace?

Large parts of North Devon are finding broadband running super slow compared with the rest of the UK.

Superfast fibre broadband was only installed by BT as part of its commercial activities. As a result, BT did not want to invest in fibre broadband for most of South West England.

Superfast broadband would save business time on processing VAT returns, PAYE, single farm payment applications and more. Many businesses are dependent on a fast, reliable broadband connection for their day-to-day activities.

This is an issue that needs to be solved now!

Read the full article in Business Action online.

• David Thorne is a certified accountant with Simpkins Edwards LLP chartered accountants in Barnstaple and has been campaigning for better broadband in North Devon for many years.

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