How high is North Devon business productivity?

North Devon Productivity Survey May 2017 | Business Action

In April, the Office for National Statistics published its quarterly UK labour productivity bulletin for October to December 2016, which showed productivity increasing 0.4% on the previous quarter.

Some media discussion after the publication focused on urban productivity being higher than that among rural-based businesses. One interpretation could be that rural businesses are not as advanced as their urban counterparts, but anyone running a business in North Devon knows that this would be a simplistic view, given the challenges such as transport, communications faced here.

To delve deeper into the productivity puzzle, Business Action is conducting our first North Devon Business Survey focusing on productivity in the area. To get an idea of what, if anything, holds business back, we invite every business to take part so that we can see the clearest possible picture.

Please complete the survey below  so that we can report the results in the summer. We hope the results will be useful to businesses, support agencies and government.

There is opportunity to answer as fully as possible and to give your own comments, either anonymously or attributable to you.

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