NDBA Online Awards 2014

Things change fast online and social media accounts come and go, so we had no idea who or how many businesses would enter the NDBA Online Awards in 2014.

We saw entries from previous entrants as well as from businesses who hadn’t entered before. In all, there were more than 60 entries.

What worked online yesterday doesn’t always work today, while suddenly one social network will add features only previously available on another one.

You certainly have to keep on your toes.

Keeping it social

When monitoring the networks, it’s clear that the social element, which creates communities, struggles to compete with the tidal wave of selling messages swamping timelines and inboxes.

Those businesses successfully maintaining their individuality, offering advice, helping others and entertaining us are more valued than those only selling.

Learning from experience

The numbers of entrants in each category confirmed that Twitter and Facebook remain the networks of choice.

Google+ remains a mystery to many, while LinkedIn remains the chosen network for professionals serious about business.

Blogging and video are yet to be exploited by many businesses and there is plenty of potential waiting to be tapped.

But who knows what we will be doing next year?

Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to our winners, who you can see in our winter magazine and on this web site.

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