Update on A361 North Devon Link Road improvement scheme

A 361 North Devon Link Road update | Business Action

Devon County Council has published an update on its project to improve the A361 North Devon Link Road between Tiverton and Abbotsham.

After the Department for Transport approved the Strategic Outline Business Case and agreed to fund Stage 2 work, including the development of more detailed designs and more accurate cost estimates, Devon County Council has been successful in securing and bringing forward future funding. While funding was not expected to become available until April 2017, the Department for Transport agreed to provide Devon County Council with the full amount of Stage 2 funding (£891,000) in February 2017. This brings the total amount of funding secured for the scheme to £1.5 million.

Topographical surveys, environmental surveys, an initial design workshop and roadside interviews have taken place and the Traffic Modelling team has completed a base model and met with the Department for Transport to agree the methodology for modelling the scheme options.

Future activity

A Value Management Workshop will be held in April 2017 for stakeholders such as the Environment Agency, Historic England and representatives from the North Devon business community.

An External Gateway Review will also take place to provide assurance that the programme can progress successfully and help deliver a better quality project and improve value for money.

A public consultation will be launched in May 2017.

For full details visit new.devon.gov.uk .

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One thought on “Update on A361 North Devon Link Road improvement scheme

  1. What ever scheme is adopted, the Link Road really needs to be dual carriage way. Should have been built like that in the first place. short term cost savings always end up costing more to put right at a later date. North Devon deserves a much better transport infrastructure to enhance its commercial activities and to attract more investment into business and job creation. All too often areas like North Devon are ignored when it comes to infrastructure improvements… governments dont see the area as being significant or having enough political benefit. Rural regeneration is as essential as urban renewal.

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