Business Action Awards 2020 | North Devon's independent business awards | Digital and Online Award

Enter Digital and Online Achievement Award

Business Action Awards 2020 | North Devon's independent business awards | Digital and Online Achievement Award

Enter online or by email

To enter your business for the Digital and Online Achievement Award or to nominate another business:

  1. Please complete the online form below
  2. Download and email the Word entry form.

If you experience any problem, please or call 07971 176044 – we value your time and your entry.

Category rules for entry

Please follow the category rules below, which also include useful suggestions on how to ensure your entry showcases achievements in the best possible light.

  1. You can enter your own business or another business for this award.
  2. This award is for any business in North Devon working with digital and internet technology, either as a creator or user. This includes building websites, creating content and using social media for marketing and selling, as well as integrating cloud technology or other online systems into business processes to improve efficiency and customer experience. (Businesses developing technology products such as software as a product to sell (e.g. a wordprocessing or database package) may find it more appropriate to enter the Made in Devon Award instead.)
  3. Ensure you read the awards terms and conditions.
  4. Read the criteria and the questions on the form below in advance so that you understand what the judges are looking for and tailor your answers to these.
  5. There is no restriction on how much information you can provide in your answers, although please ensure that anything you say is relevant to this award. The questions are deliberately open to enable you to submit the best possible entry and the examples given are purely illustrative. Add any other information you feel is important to highlight success.
  6. Provide as much detail and evidence as possible to back up your claims, including relevant links to websites and videos.
  7. Write and save your answers in a note-making or word-processing app first and copy them into the form below. This ensures you do not lose anything you have taken a long time to write.
  8. Attach any files, eg customer compliments or images of products, to support your entry.
  9. Entries must be submitted before 11:00am on Tuesday 10 March 2020.


The judges are looking for evidence of one or more of:

  • Advanced understanding and use of digital technologies
  • Innovative application of digital products or services 
  • Marketing via websites, social media or other technologies
  • Use of cloud technology and other systems to run businesses
  • Automation of business processes for better productivity, profitability and customer service
  • Improved internal or customer communication through technology

These criteria are not exhaustive. Remember, the judges don’t know what you have achieved, so please include anything you think relevant to your entry even if it is not listed above.

Good luck!

Entry form

Your entry will be acknowledged immediately on screen and by email after successful completion – if not, please or call 07971 176044.