North Devon tourism needs your support

North Devon tourism needs your support

North Devon tourism needs your support

Trevor Stanbury of the Milky Way discusses his initiative to ensure North Devon continues to be promoted as a tourism destination

By this time I suspect that most of you will have heard the disturbing news that our two district councils have withdrawn all their money from tourism marketing.

If we do nothing, there will be no North Devon web site and no marketing for our region after Christmas. Potentially a major disaster for us. We all know what happened to M&S when they stopped marketing: they very quickly lost market share and have yet to recover from it. It is a fact of life that will quickly overtake us to if we do nothing.

Staying number one destination

Those of you who have been in the industry as long as me will remember that we used to be second to Torbay, but that with the North Devon Marketing Bureau, which I instigated in 1996, we quickly moved to the top. It is interesting to note that even with the changes which occurred about six years ago when the marketing came under the umbrella of North Devon+, research shows us that we have still maintained our position as the number one destination in Devon.

Read all of Trevor Stanbury’s article in the Business Action winter issue online.

• For updates on the North Devon Tourism Marketing group initiative see the North Devon Journal. Call Trevor Stanbury on 07977 509053 to get involved.

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